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This site has perhaps not been as rewarding or enjoyable as you might have liked, but you apparently stuck with it to get this far (Or maybe you just jumped right here, right away). Either way, as a reward I would like to give you to a visual treat. If you have never seen a lake applet, you are in for a real treasure, if you have seen them before, I hope you are like me and never tire of seeing more. I have tried to keep the files small so that you would not have to wait long for them to load, but depending on the speed of your modem the state of the internet at this moment, and the cooperativeness of all servers between and including yours and mine, it could take as much as a minute or so to load.

If you like the pictures and would like to make some yourself, be sure to visit the credits page and get the source and instructions. Believe me it was amazingly simply to create these. If you can do html, and if you can find or make images that are about the size I used, you will have no problems and be able to enjoy them on your site also. Please visit the credits pages, the links will take you to some other graphic and applets that may be as enjoyable or more so than these are.

Butterflies are
always fun!

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