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My Family and My Self
Last But Not Least
(For those who might be interested.)

This is where I take the opportunity to brag about my children, my husband, and my life. If such things bore you, don't look here  : - ) But if you would like to know a bit about me, this would be the place to visit. Everybody has to have atleast some part of themselves on their website, don't they?
This is also an opportunity for me to present my resume, in case you happen to have a position within your company for a young (young in experience, that is) web page/site designer. If you are interested in other sites I have worked on, either freelance on my own, or as work done for my son Eric's design studio, I have listed them below along with the link to my resume page.

My Resume
Nisly Enterprises
Michiana PC Users Group
LoveWay, Inc.
My Church's Web Site
Ancestor's Quest - Genealogy on The Net
Non-traditional Genealogy Resources
Downloading Resources
My "15 seconds of fame"
My friend Bill VanPatten, Jr's "15 seconds of fame".

Butterflies always
take you home.

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