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If this page does nothing more than help you find one thing you are looking for, then I will be happy. I have been a lot of places on the Internet and would just like to share some of the things I have learned.

If you have a group of links that would be a good category for me to add, please send them to me, I would love to continue expanding these links.

Be aware the page you will be connecting to is very large, but it is also strictly formatted text so it will load in less than 1 minute despite the fact that it is approximately 303KB

Before you go, a short lesson on something to try if a link doesn't work. Often times the structure of a site changes and therefore the address for individual pages does also. This means that the page may still be there, just in a different subdirectory, the name of the subdirectory may have been altered, or sometimes the actual filename of the page has been changed.

Try backing up the directories in search of the page. Example:

Try first without the filename:
or with index.html at the end (http://www.geocities.com/server/home/nisly/index.html)

If that still gets you a 404 or Unknown/Missing Page answer, then start backing up the directories:

When you get to each level, if you get a page to load, check the page for clues on where the missing page might be. Example: You may see a listing of users on one and nisly is listed, when you click the link you may discover that the site structure changed so that the file is now located at:

I hope that was explained well enough for the beginner. If not, please feel free to drop me an email and ask your questions. Also, if you run across dead/moved links, please let me know. I'm sure there will be many with a list that size. It is nearly impossible to keep up with them all, and I have just never decided to spend the money on a program that would do it for me :)

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